The Rundown

Welcome to the Hangar Bay. This blog has been set up to catalog information about the BattleTech campaign I’m currently running with a group of friends. I have two goals for this site:

1) To create a centralized, easy-to-access repository for information about the campaign story.

2) To share information about the campaign and my own experiences with those who are interested.

In order to accomplish these goals, and make information easy to access I’ve orginized the blog with two main pages aside from this introduction:

The Main Page – The five most recent posts will appear on the site hompage with the most recent listed first. For fast navagation archived posts are listed in the right hand column, sorted by date and category.

  – Categories

   + Behind the Scenes – These posts contain my thoughts and experiences as a Game Master.

    + Campaign – Any posts with story relevant information for the current campaign will be collected here, this is organized into three sub categories; Battle Reports, MechWarriors, Mission Briefings. 

    + Battle Reports – Summaries of what happened during game sessions.

    + MechWarriors – Information about player characters, as provided by the players themselves.

     + Mission Briefings – These posts contain the story information I provide the players with before each game session.

The Characters Page – All named characters (Player and NPC) critical to the campaign story will be cataloged here, with links to bios where appropriate.


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