Mission 3 – Hard Landing

March 13, 2010

Planet: Vorarlberg

Location: In orbit, Cameron’s Legion Jumpship Indomitable

Date: June 15, 3031

After six months of hard fighting in Lyrian Alliance space Cameron’s Legion has been called back to Combine controlled planets in order to pacify rebellions and uprisings. The first such planet is that of Vorarlberg. The Hyperborian Drakes are taking a moment to repair their battle torn Mechs while in orbit before dropping into the combat zone and rendezvousing with DCMS representatives. Equipment and personnel have begun transferring from jumpship to dropships in preparation for the impending planetfall.

Amongst the hustle of mechanics, pilots and mechwarriors Jelergan Meeves gathers his fellow Drakes onboard the Leopard Class Dropship Unreasonable to share some disturbing chatter he overheard on his graveyard shift in the comms center. According to Meeves, if the Legion wants to keep its contract with the Draconis Combine they must turn over all deserters from the DCMS, specifically those deserting from the 5th Rasalhague Regulars. Chu-Sa Kage Kune is waiting on the planet to take them into custody personally.

The decision is made to disembark from the Indomitable ahead of schedule, before they can be taken into custody, and seek haven in the city of Rhone; the city they were supposed to be pacifying. Sgt. Lucia Dale engages an emergency separation from the Jumpship and steers the Dropship Unreasonable into Vararlberg’s atmosphere. The maneuver doesn’t go unnoticed and kilometers outside of Rhone the dropship comes under anti-aircraft fire from heavy mechs on the ground.

“You’re gonna have to hot drop boys.” She calls into the radio “You guys will have to push your way through enemy lines and into the city. I’ll meet up with you as soon as I can make a clean landing.”

“Good luck” are her final words as the bay doors open and the four cobbled together Mechs begin their plummeting decent to the planet’s surface amidst the blasts of LRM explosions.


Optional Mission 2a – The Green Bands

November 3, 2009

Planet: Nox

Location: Outside the city of Trondhiem

Date: January 1, 3031

Colonel David Ralleagh cursed loudly as he read the communique from his beleaguered  convoy. He had been cursing ever since he took command of the Spaceport garrison force on Nox. Nothing about this assignment had gone according to plan.

Months ago Ralleagh had cursed when the second half of the garrison force had been moved off world to help with the offensive against the DCMS leaving him without enough BattleMechs to adequately defend both the starport and the city of Trondhiem. As a result Ralleagh had been forced to concentrate his forces at the starport and could allow only minimal military presence on the all-important supply convoys.

Weeks ago Ralleagh had cursed at the civil engineers who informed him that the plans for a well paved road through the forests dividing the Starport and the city were postponed indefinitely. These so called “Green Bands” of forest were both a logistical and tactical nightmare. Unfortunately it seemed that neither expediency nor safety were pressing concerns and the materials and manpower simply did not exist to complete the project.

Days ago Ralleagh had cursed under his breath when his officers had informed him that moral among the enlisted men was low and that some were grumbling about desertion or worse. Faced with this problem Ralleagh had allowed all but a skeleton crew to take a days liberty and celebrate the New Year and let off some steam. Ralleagh had weighed the risk of being under staffed for a day against the possibility of an all out revolt down the road. He had chosen the former and realized now how big a mistake that had been.

The Colonel had ordered a young comm officer to round up any MechWarriors she could find who weren’t too hungover to function. David seized yet another opportunity to curse as she met him in the Mech hangar with only two young men trailing behind her. Absolutely nothing was going according to plan. Three BattleMechs against a mixed lance of mercenaries. Ralleagh could only hope that the attackers had already suffered some losses. Hope and curse.

Mission 2 – New Employers

November 2, 2009

Planet: Nox

Location: Outside the city of Trondhiem

Date: January 1, 3031

After retreating from an unwinnable battle at the Serpent’s Lake Research Facility on Maule the 3rd company of the 5th Rasalhague Regulars attempted to make contact with the Draconis Combine military and regroup. Upon establishing radio contact and delivering a situation report the company is provided with grave instructions. They are to report to the nearest DC garrison and commit Seppuku for their dishonor. Unable to convince their commanding officer Chu-sa Kage Kune, a radical adherent to bushido, that his request was not only excessive but completely unreasonable the 3rd company quickly decides to strike out on their own.

Labeled as ronin by their commanding officer, thus unable to return to any branch the Draconis Combine military, and carrying what amounts to 170 tons of stolen technology, the company attempts to find safe passage off-world. With nothing of value but their battle-scarred Mechs and their skills as Mechwarriors they seek out a mercenary unit that might be willing to take them in. Camerons Legion fits that bill. The company makes contact with Sgt. Lucia Dale, a representative from the Legion, in a recently pacified region of Maule. Dale explains that the Legion remains under contract with the Draconis Combine and will be moving off of Maule and into Lyrian Alliance occupied territory. The disaffected Mechwarriors are welcome to take a ride if they are willing to provide combat support and if they can prove themselves they might be offered permanent positions in the Legion.

And so the ronin Lance finds themselves engaging in their first mercenary action on the planet of Nox. Military supplies and weapons have been shipped by lightly armored convoys from production facilities in the city of Trondhiem to a garrison force in a Lyrian military controlled starport. The former 3rd company has been tasked with ambushing the convoy and confiscating as many of the supplies as possible. The purpose of this attack is two-fold; first it will draw some of the garrison troops away from the starport so the rest of the Legion can launch an assault, and second any captured supplies are the property of the mercenaries according to their salvage contract.

Mission 1 – Defensive Measures

November 2, 2009

Planet: Maule

Location: Sperpent’s Lake Research Station 

Date: September 29, 3030

Four green recruits from the Draconis Combine form a lance stationed as a defensive garrison for a weapons and science facility on Maule. Members of this lance are recent graduates from Dieron District Gymnasium. Constant struggle on the boarder of the Draconis Combine and the Lyran Commonwealth has left the job of defending less important support structures to the youngest of MechWarriors. This lance from the third company of the 5th Rasalhague Regulars has been acting as the facility’s garrison for 3 months and seen no combat action.

One of the least prestigious academies in the Draconis Combine, the Dieron District Gymnasium (DDG) is essentially what its name implies. Cadets have the freedom to take what courses they desire, which are often hastily assembled and meet in a corner of the massive gym. Once a cadet has accumulated enough class time, he or she can earn a sort of “pass” for simulator time. Once enough sim hours have been logged, they qualify for a live-fire session. Some cadets take their time graduating, while others hurry out as quickly as possible; but all are battle-ready. DDG, which is located on Shionoha, only graduates around fifteen MechWarriors a year, but they are generally the most well-prepared graduates.

The Serpent’s Lake Research Facility was built in June of 3030 as a means of improving the combat value of salvaged weaponry being returned from the frontlines of the Draconis/Lyran conflict. Increased military presence on Maule is a secondary benefit to the Combine’s interests in the region. Thanks to relatively recent construction the buildings in the complex are not particularly strong, instead this facility depends on its remote location, several fixed gun emplacements, and a single lance of medium Mechs as security.

As of 3030 Maule existed within the Draconis Combine along a hotly contested boarder with the Lyran Commonwealth. This region of the Combine, the principality of Rasalhague, has shown the most resistance to the Japanese cultural influence that dominates the Combine. Native Rasalhagians continue to speak Swedish, which has been accepted as the area’s dominant language. The people have held to their own religions, traditions and ways of thought in the face of every pressure various authorities could bring to bear.