Battle Report 2a – The Green Bands

November 11, 2009

After a successful recovery of the cargo the Hyperborean Drakes moved towards the spaceport. Upon passing their dropzone and rendezvousing with their dropship (Leopard Class Dropship, the Unreasonable) they were confronted by a map wide forest that needed to be passed in order to reach the starport. Approaching the forest the Drakes witnessed two jump enabled medium Mechs approaching along with a heavy Mech trudging through the woods on long-range sensors.

Miyamoto Musashi, determined to take part in the assault on the starport (what he considered to be the ‘real’ assignment) bypassed the approaching reinforcements and pushed headlong off the far side of the map. The remaining three Drakes took up a position on the edge of the forest and awaited the approaching Mechs. Upon recognition that the apporaching heavy Mech was a Rifleman and lightly armored in the back, Micheal Hyung-Sei jumped into the forests for a quick, decisive strike against Colonel Ralleagh’s heavy Mech. The attack was a success destroying an gyro and engine components and forcing the commander to power down in surrender.

Meanwhile Jelergen Meeves and Leif Svalgaard took up positions on a hill overlooking the forest and fired upon the apporaching medium Mechs. Meeves scored a headshot with his LRMs and knocked the pilot of the Vindicator unconscious. The other medium Mech, a Trebuchet, recognizing the plight of his commander decided to cut his losses and flee after a single round of up close combat. Jumping to Ralleagh’s powerless Mech the young pilot collected his commanding officer and then retreated back through the woods, off the far end of the maps.

Successful in their primary goals of capturing the convoy and drawing out reinforcements the Hyperborean Drakes are accepted into the Cameron’s Legion as full-fledged MechWarriors, given secondary responsibilities, and allowed to personalize their lance with their choice of any of the Mechs they have used to this point in the campaign, to which they can add the following hardware: 1 pulse laser, 1 PPC, and a C3 Network.


Battle Report 2 – New Employers

November 8, 2009

Touching down on Nox the unit set up an ambush on a map of rolling hills and light woods. Their mixed lance was made up of four mechs: Dragon (60 tons), Hermes II (40 tons), Vulcan (40 tons) and Valkyrie (30 tons).

Dragon 191px-3025_Vulcan1 Hermes II Valkyrie

The Hyperborean Drakes (The lance’s new self appointed title) lay in ambush in the light woods surrounding the expected convoy route. The convoy appears and is made of up the following vehicles: 3 Cargo transports, one PKR-T5 Packrat long range scout, one Skulker wheeled scout tank, one GAL-100 Galleon Light Tank, one Vedette Medium Tank, and two light mechs (one Wasp and one Commando)

As the convoy makes it way through the winding valleys one Galleon light tank passed directly in front of Hyung-Sei’s Vulcan. Not wanting to give up the element of surprise the Vulcan pilot unloaded into the tank point blank, destroying it. His position now known to the members of the convoy, the two light Mechs sprang into action targeting his position. Moving to support his comrade Musashi stepped out of hiding earlier than he would have liked to attack the largest threat, the convoy’s Mech escort.

The fast moving vehicles in the convoy began to make a break for the starport (trying to exit the far side of the map), while the cargo trucks did the same but at a much slower pace and the heavier tanks rallied around the cargo trucks.

Musashi piloted his Vulcan to harrass the defending Wasp while Hyung-Sei focused fire on the Commando, A lucky strike ignited its SRM ammo, vaporizing the light Mech in a cloud of fire. At this point Svalgaard revealed his Hermes II and engaged the heavier escort vehicles. After dispatching his Wasp opponent Musashi gave chase to the Skulker scout tank that was fleeing the battlefield. Simultaneously Hyung-Sei disabled the Packrat scould vehicle with a well placed shot. Immobilizing the target but leaving it’s weapons intact.

Meeves, paranoid from the last encounter and expecting reinforcements had remained in hiding throughout the early phase of the battle. Noting the fleeing scout vehicle he finally brought his Dragon into the fray but was too late to keep the vehicle from escaping, to call in reinforcements.

Svalgaard after taking a face full of flamer from the stationary Packrat finally stepped into the light vehicle’s blind spot and destroyed the Vedette medium tank while Hyung-Sei and Meeves finished off the Packrat before it’s SRM-6’s could do any more damage. With the escorts dispatched the mixed lance of the Hyperborean Drakes easily captured the cargo vehicles and moved to join the battle already in progress at the starport.

Battle Report 1 – Defensive Measures

November 2, 2009

Planet: Maule

Location: Sperpent’s Lake Research Station¬†

Date: September 29, 3030

The battlefield was two maps, one a mountain with a stream running down it, which led to the second which was a lake with some hills. The research facilties were built on the hills next to the lake and protected by some fixed turrets. Where the two maps met (the base of the mountain) two turrets were also built. My friends got to place their mechs anywhere behind the line made by the forward turrets.

Combat started as the sensors being jammed, limiting the Mechs they could see strictly to line of sight. Then a couple of light Locust Mechs crested the mountain and began firing on the forward gun emplacements, followed by two Spider Mechs. Three of the group moved to meet the light Mechs and began to engage in battle at the base of the mountain. One of the Medium mechs (a Blackjack) held back and fired from across the lake. Finally a Panther and Jenner crested the mountain and began firing on the group.

After the group destroyed one Locust, knocked down another and the Blackjack piolt shooting a Spider out of the air the light Mechs began to fall back firing as they went. Suddenly 4 Assault class Mechs (Atlus, Awesome, Banshee, and Zeus) appeared on the far side of the lake and began systematically demolishing the buildings in the installation. At this point the group was informed that if they retreated to the edge on the far side of the mountain they would successfully end the encounter. They decided that that would be the most prudent course of action and began pushing towards the far end of the map, all the while destroying the light Mechs that remained. The blackjack took the longest to extract, because he had no jump jets and had to wade through the lake before he could book it to the exit.

Upon extraction I informed the group that the base had been completely lost, and due to their retreat they were disgraced and discharged from the Draconis Combine military. Now the next mission will follow their exploits as they become guns for hire.