Mission 3 – Hard Landing

Planet: Vorarlberg

Location: In orbit, Cameron’s Legion Jumpship Indomitable

Date: June 15, 3031

After six months of hard fighting in Lyrian Alliance space Cameron’s Legion has been called back to Combine controlled planets in order to pacify rebellions and uprisings. The first such planet is that of Vorarlberg. The Hyperborian Drakes are taking a moment to repair their battle torn Mechs while in orbit before dropping into the combat zone and rendezvousing with DCMS representatives. Equipment and personnel have begun transferring from jumpship to dropships in preparation for the impending planetfall.

Amongst the hustle of mechanics, pilots and mechwarriors Jelergan Meeves gathers his fellow Drakes onboard the Leopard Class Dropship Unreasonable to share some disturbing chatter he overheard on his graveyard shift in the comms center. According to Meeves, if the Legion wants to keep its contract with the Draconis Combine they must turn over all deserters from the DCMS, specifically those deserting from the 5th Rasalhague Regulars. Chu-Sa Kage Kune is waiting on the planet to take them into custody personally.

The decision is made to disembark from the Indomitable ahead of schedule, before they can be taken into custody, and seek haven in the city of Rhone; the city they were supposed to be pacifying. Sgt. Lucia Dale engages an emergency separation from the Jumpship and steers the Dropship Unreasonable into Vararlberg’s atmosphere. The maneuver doesn’t go unnoticed and kilometers outside of Rhone the dropship comes under anti-aircraft fire from heavy mechs on the ground.

“You’re gonna have to hot drop boys.” She calls into the radio “You guys will have to push your way through enemy lines and into the city. I’ll meet up with you as soon as I can make a clean landing.”

“Good luck” are her final words as the bay doors open and the four cobbled together Mechs begin their plummeting decent to the planet’s surface amidst the blasts of LRM explosions.


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