Workin’ for a Livin’

In an effort to allow my players to further differentiate their characters and to encourage deeper role playing I decided to offer them jobs. These are secondary obligations within the mercenary unit and provide the opportunity for both statistical (decreased modifiers) and story related effects.

Below is the text that I presented them with after they successfully completed mission 2a. I then asked them to choose a different task, and after everyone had chosen I revealed the effects (in parenthesis) of each. The goal was to keep anyone from choosing a job based on statistical benefits and encourage them to make choices based on story related criteria.

Camerons Legion is a growing mercenary outfit but they are not large enough that they can afford to keep MechWarriors on the payroll who aren’t earning their keep off the battlefield as well as on it. For this reason every MechWarrior must select a support role that they fill when not in combat.

Communications Tech – Keeping the lines of information flowing is a thankless job but it’s absolutely critical to a successful unit. (Not only is it a thankless job, it’s also kind of boring. No immediate effect, story related benifits)

Machinist Mate – Keeping one Mech battle ready is a fulltime job, keeping a whole battalion together is a lifetime job. (Spending all that time repairing Mechs means gives you a better understanding of how they work. May immediately switch one specialty for free)

Training Instructor – A chain is only as strong as it’s fattest, laziest link. Sometimes crew members need a little motivation to keep in shape. (Pushing everyone to work out constantly has improved your physique if not your personality. Piloting skill -1)

Dropship Technician – What good is a lance of Mechs if they can’t get to the battlefield? (Dropships need love too, and you keep yours in tip-top shape. All rolls involving a dropship -1)

Fire Prevention Engineer – Mercenaries spend as much time out of atmosphere as in it. And fire is not something you want to deal with a couple of lightyears from the nearest body of water. (Constantly being concerned with fire has it’s benifits. All rolls involving fire -1)

Intelligence Officer – It pays to be in the know, in fact it pays very well. (Surprisingly being nosy has no immediate benifits. Story related bonus)

Security Specialist – You’d be surprised how many untrustworthy people are out there. That’s OK, you’re naturally untrusting. (No one said you couldn’t do your rounds in your Mech. Piloting skill -1)

Jobs are now reflected on each MechWarrior post.


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