Battle Report 2a – The Green Bands

After a successful recovery of the cargo the Hyperborean Drakes moved towards the spaceport. Upon passing their dropzone and rendezvousing with their dropship (Leopard Class Dropship, the Unreasonable) they were confronted by a map wide forest that needed to be passed in order to reach the starport. Approaching the forest the Drakes witnessed two jump enabled medium Mechs approaching along with a heavy Mech trudging through the woods on long-range sensors.

Miyamoto Musashi, determined to take part in the assault on the starport (what he considered to be the ‘real’ assignment) bypassed the approaching reinforcements and pushed headlong off the far side of the map. The remaining three Drakes took up a position on the edge of the forest and awaited the approaching Mechs. Upon recognition that the apporaching heavy Mech was a Rifleman and lightly armored in the back, Micheal Hyung-Sei jumped into the forests for a quick, decisive strike against Colonel Ralleagh’s heavy Mech. The attack was a success destroying an gyro and engine components and forcing the commander to power down in surrender.

Meanwhile Jelergen Meeves and Leif Svalgaard took up positions on a hill overlooking the forest and fired upon the apporaching medium Mechs. Meeves scored a headshot with his LRMs and knocked the pilot of the Vindicator unconscious. The other medium Mech, a Trebuchet, recognizing the plight of his commander decided to cut his losses and flee after a single round of up close combat. Jumping to Ralleagh’s powerless Mech the young pilot collected his commanding officer and then retreated back through the woods, off the far end of the maps.

Successful in their primary goals of capturing the convoy and drawing out reinforcements the Hyperborean Drakes are accepted into the Cameron’s Legion as full-fledged MechWarriors, given secondary responsibilities, and allowed to personalize their lance with their choice of any of the Mechs they have used to this point in the campaign, to which they can add the following hardware: 1 pulse laser, 1 PPC, and a C3 Network.


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