Battle Report 2 – New Employers

Touching down on Nox the unit set up an ambush on a map of rolling hills and light woods. Their mixed lance was made up of four mechs: Dragon (60 tons), Hermes II (40 tons), Vulcan (40 tons) and Valkyrie (30 tons).

Dragon 191px-3025_Vulcan1 Hermes II Valkyrie

The Hyperborean Drakes (The lance’s new self appointed title) lay in ambush in the light woods surrounding the expected convoy route. The convoy appears and is made of up the following vehicles: 3 Cargo transports, one PKR-T5 Packrat long range scout, one Skulker wheeled scout tank, one GAL-100 Galleon Light Tank, one Vedette Medium Tank, and two light mechs (one Wasp and one Commando)

As the convoy makes it way through the winding valleys one Galleon light tank passed directly in front of Hyung-Sei’s Vulcan. Not wanting to give up the element of surprise the Vulcan pilot unloaded into the tank point blank, destroying it. His position now known to the members of the convoy, the two light Mechs sprang into action targeting his position. Moving to support his comrade Musashi stepped out of hiding earlier than he would have liked to attack the largest threat, the convoy’s Mech escort.

The fast moving vehicles in the convoy began to make a break for the starport (trying to exit the far side of the map), while the cargo trucks did the same but at a much slower pace and the heavier tanks rallied around the cargo trucks.

Musashi piloted his Vulcan to harrass the defending Wasp while Hyung-Sei focused fire on the Commando, A lucky strike ignited its SRM ammo, vaporizing the light Mech in a cloud of fire. At this point Svalgaard revealed his Hermes II and engaged the heavier escort vehicles. After dispatching his Wasp opponent Musashi gave chase to the Skulker scout tank that was fleeing the battlefield. Simultaneously Hyung-Sei disabled the Packrat scould vehicle with a well placed shot. Immobilizing the target but leaving it’s weapons intact.

Meeves, paranoid from the last encounter and expecting reinforcements had remained in hiding throughout the early phase of the battle. Noting the fleeing scout vehicle he finally brought his Dragon into the fray but was too late to keep the vehicle from escaping, to call in reinforcements.

Svalgaard after taking a face full of flamer from the stationary Packrat finally stepped into the light vehicle’s blind spot and destroyed the Vedette medium tank while Hyung-Sei and Meeves finished off the Packrat before it’s SRM-6’s could do any more damage. With the escorts dispatched the mixed lance of the Hyperborean Drakes easily captured the cargo vehicles and moved to join the battle already in progress at the starport.


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