MechWarrior – Miyamoto Musashi

Name: Miyamoto Musashi

Age: 26

Sex: M

Current Assignment: Camerons Legion (MechWarrior, Training Instructor)

Lance: Hyperborean Drakes

Gunnery: 4

Piloting: 4

Weapon: Small/Medium Laser

Mech: Light

Experience: 6

Player: J

The second son of nobility on his homeworld of Alshien, Musashi is driven to the breaking point by his second-best status in his father’s eyes. In his Early years he showed his unrest through juvinile misdemeanors – acts of rebellion against his father’s governance. His Kendo training is his single outlet to the rigors of academic and military training, with the goal of earning his father’s (and his own) favor. He keeps a single Kodachi in his Mech cockpit, with his family’s insignia on it for memory, tradition, and defense if on the ground.

Now in exile he is plagued by guilt and driven to excesses in combat. He blames his regiment for abandoning him without hope of fulfilling their true duty and himself for not killing the enemy that lay crippled at his feet. Would that have made a difference?


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