Behind the Scenes – Mini ‘Mechs

My crew has been playing with the cardboard counters that came with a 13 year old boxed set. While this has been perfectly functional it has it’s drawbacks, not the least of which is a reduced level of immersion. I’ve been wanting to pick up some miniatures for our games.

Needless to say I was super-excited to hear about the new introductory boxed set which comes with 24 plastic minis. I was less than excited to find out that I couldn’t find a single online retailer who had the set in stock. I did however find a Boarder’s with it in inventory 2 hours away. After a little road trip I’m now the proud owner of a tiny ‘mech army.


I’m excited to see what havoc we can reap with our new little toys. The only problem now is that they desperately want to be painted, a project I’m not sure I have the skill or the patience for.

Atlas is more intimidating in 3D

Picking a fight


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