Optional Mission 2a – The Green Bands

Planet: Nox

Location: Outside the city of Trondhiem

Date: January 1, 3031

Colonel David Ralleagh cursed loudly as he read the communique from his beleaguered  convoy. He had been cursing ever since he took command of the Spaceport garrison force on Nox. Nothing about this assignment had gone according to plan.

Months ago Ralleagh had cursed when the second half of the garrison force had been moved off world to help with the offensive against the DCMS leaving him without enough BattleMechs to adequately defend both the starport and the city of Trondhiem. As a result Ralleagh had been forced to concentrate his forces at the starport and could allow only minimal military presence on the all-important supply convoys.

Weeks ago Ralleagh had cursed at the civil engineers who informed him that the plans for a well paved road through the forests dividing the Starport and the city were postponed indefinitely. These so called “Green Bands” of forest were both a logistical and tactical nightmare. Unfortunately it seemed that neither expediency nor safety were pressing concerns and the materials and manpower simply did not exist to complete the project.

Days ago Ralleagh had cursed under his breath when his officers had informed him that moral among the enlisted men was low and that some were grumbling about desertion or worse. Faced with this problem Ralleagh had allowed all but a skeleton crew to take a days liberty and celebrate the New Year and let off some steam. Ralleagh had weighed the risk of being under staffed for a day against the possibility of an all out revolt down the road. He had chosen the former and realized now how big a mistake that had been.

The Colonel had ordered a young comm officer to round up any MechWarriors she could find who weren’t too hungover to function. David seized yet another opportunity to curse as she met him in the Mech hangar with only two young men trailing behind her. Absolutely nothing was going according to plan. Three BattleMechs against a mixed lance of mercenaries. Ralleagh could only hope that the attackers had already suffered some losses. Hope and curse.


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