MechWarrior – Leif Svalgaard

Name: Leif Svalgaard

Age: 26

Sex: M

Current Assignment: Camerons Legion (MechWarrior, Machinist Mate)

Lance: Hyperborean Drakes

Gunnery: 3

Piloting: 5

Weapon: Small/Medium Lasers

Mech: Medium

Experience: 2

Player: A

My name is Leif Svalgaard.  I grew up on New Slartibartfast, a cold, snowy planet full of frosty fjords.  It’s so cold that we depend heavily on our machinery to survive the long winters until the single warm month when “’tis short spring, at last; the frigid ice-blast of Slartibartfast has passed into past,” as the ancient saying goes.  So I grew up a skilled mechanic.  Our beloved planet’s inhospitable environment has also rendered me particularly adept at wilderness survival (a forgotten bard once spoke of our planet thus: “This white waste of hinterland is the ice-hard splinter and shard of frost-dead Winterland,” which is the legendary ice-world of a god whose breath will one day freeze the fire of the stars: “The glittering ice-god exhales frigid frost to freeze life-fires in death-ice”).  New Slartibartfast has taught me to remain cool-headed in all situations; on my world, giving way to the fire of rashness leads directly to death.  Also, while I love eating fish–especially those from “the frozen fjords of ‘Fast” (for so we sometimes refer to our world)–I hate sushi.


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