Behind the Scenes – Roleplaying, lite.

One of the few things I don’t like about the BattleTech system is how it reduces pilots to only two stats, piloting and gunnery. In order to add a bit more roleplaying into the campaign (without digging into the MechWarrior system) I’ve introduced specialties as well as a modified version of BTs existing experience system. Here’s an example of the simple pilot info sheet I’ve created and some details about the XP system.

Pilot Sheet

I’ve swiped some of the specialization categories from MechCommander 2. I’ve also edited the experience advancement rules from the basic master rulebook. Here’s how my rules work, keep in mind these have not been playtested and are designed for a short (6 missionish) campaign.

After completing a mission every surviving pilot is awarded XP
1 XP for surviving
1 XP for surviving with Mech intact
various XP may be awarded by GM for spectacular valor in combat

Over the course of a campaign players may use XP to purchase upgrades in skill. 4 XP to reduce their piloting skill modifier by 1, same for gunnery skill. 2 XP can be used to transfer a specialty point (pilots cannot have more than one weapons specialty and one mech specialty at a time).

Specialty points add a -1 piloting modifier when using that class of mech or a -1 gunnery modifier when using that weapon type. Pilots may have one weapon specialty and one mech specialty at a time.



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