Mission 2 – New Employers

Planet: Nox

Location: Outside the city of Trondhiem

Date: January 1, 3031

After retreating from an unwinnable battle at the Serpent’s Lake Research Facility on Maule the 3rd company of the 5th Rasalhague Regulars attempted to make contact with the Draconis Combine military and regroup. Upon establishing radio contact and delivering a situation report the company is provided with grave instructions. They are to report to the nearest DC garrison and commit Seppuku for their dishonor. Unable to convince their commanding officer Chu-sa Kage Kune, a radical adherent to bushido, that his request was not only excessive but completely unreasonable the 3rd company quickly decides to strike out on their own.

Labeled as ronin by their commanding officer, thus unable to return to any branch the Draconis Combine military, and carrying what amounts to 170 tons of stolen technology, the company attempts to find safe passage off-world. With nothing of value but their battle-scarred Mechs and their skills as Mechwarriors they seek out a mercenary unit that might be willing to take them in. Camerons Legion fits that bill. The company makes contact with Sgt. Lucia Dale, a representative from the Legion, in a recently pacified region of Maule. Dale explains that the Legion remains under contract with the Draconis Combine and will be moving off of Maule and into Lyrian Alliance occupied territory. The disaffected Mechwarriors are welcome to take a ride if they are willing to provide combat support and if they can prove themselves they might be offered permanent positions in the Legion.

And so the ronin Lance finds themselves engaging in their first mercenary action on the planet of Nox. Military supplies and weapons have been shipped by lightly armored convoys from production facilities in the city of Trondhiem to a garrison force in a Lyrian military controlled starport. The former 3rd company has been tasked with ambushing the convoy and confiscating as many of the supplies as possible. The purpose of this attack is two-fold; first it will draw some of the garrison troops away from the starport so the rest of the Legion can launch an assault, and second any captured supplies are the property of the mercenaries according to their salvage contract.


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