Mission 1 – Defensive Measures

Planet: Maule

Location: Sperpent’s Lake Research Station 

Date: September 29, 3030

Four green recruits from the Draconis Combine form a lance stationed as a defensive garrison for a weapons and science facility on Maule. Members of this lance are recent graduates from Dieron District Gymnasium. Constant struggle on the boarder of the Draconis Combine and the Lyran Commonwealth has left the job of defending less important support structures to the youngest of MechWarriors. This lance from the third company of the 5th Rasalhague Regulars has been acting as the facility’s garrison for 3 months and seen no combat action.

One of the least prestigious academies in the Draconis Combine, the Dieron District Gymnasium (DDG) is essentially what its name implies. Cadets have the freedom to take what courses they desire, which are often hastily assembled and meet in a corner of the massive gym. Once a cadet has accumulated enough class time, he or she can earn a sort of “pass” for simulator time. Once enough sim hours have been logged, they qualify for a live-fire session. Some cadets take their time graduating, while others hurry out as quickly as possible; but all are battle-ready. DDG, which is located on Shionoha, only graduates around fifteen MechWarriors a year, but they are generally the most well-prepared graduates.

The Serpent’s Lake Research Facility was built in June of 3030 as a means of improving the combat value of salvaged weaponry being returned from the frontlines of the Draconis/Lyran conflict. Increased military presence on Maule is a secondary benefit to the Combine’s interests in the region. Thanks to relatively recent construction the buildings in the complex are not particularly strong, instead this facility depends on its remote location, several fixed gun emplacements, and a single lance of medium Mechs as security.

As of 3030 Maule existed within the Draconis Combine along a hotly contested boarder with the Lyran Commonwealth. This region of the Combine, the principality of Rasalhague, has shown the most resistance to the Japanese cultural influence that dominates the Combine. Native Rasalhagians continue to speak Swedish, which has been accepted as the area’s dominant language. The people have held to their own religions, traditions and ways of thought in the face of every pressure various authorities could bring to bear.


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