MechWarrior – Jelergen Meeves

Name: Jelergen Meeves

Age: 28

Sex: M

Current Assignment: Camerons Legion (MechWarrior, Communications Technician)

Lance: Hyperborean Drakes

Gunnery: 3

Piloting: 5

Weapon: LRM

Mech: Heavy

Experience: 1

Player: S

Jelergen Meeves, son of Alexi Meeves and Kameko Kurita. Father was killed in battle when Jelergen was six, while fighting against overwhelming odds. Because his father was a great war hero and his mother was born into House Kurita, Jelergen was a shoo-in to the prestigious Sun Zhang Academy. However, Mech piloting wasn’t his forte, and he was expelled. Jelergen drifted for a few years, doing odd jobs around the Combine until he decided to join the Deiron District Gymnasium where it took him six years to graduate.


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